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If you are ready to take your business to the next level by ensuring that your employees make less mistakes with minimal training and are held accountable by a system so that you do not have to micromanage, all while saving time and money, then this is the package for you!

What to Expect

In the past decade, we have created thousands of sales processes for small to mid-size businesses around the world and perfected our process to a tee. The business consultants that we use have extensive business experience and master the business sales processes. They all know and understand the Zoho CRM system inside and out.

Our proprietary 5 step process to create a flawless sales automation process

Step 1: Agreement & Payment

The process starts by signing a service agreement and paying in full for the service. Once we receive the payment and the signed agreement, we will assign a project coordinator and a business consultant to work on your account. The assignment process typically takes up to one business day.

Step 2: Meet Your Project Coordinator

After you receive your onboarding email from our team, you will proceed to scheduling a meeting with your project coordinator through a link provided in your onboarding email. The project coordinator will ask you a series of questions during the meeting related to your business and your sales processes.

Step 3: Create a Draft Sales Process

Based on your project coordinator's feedback, your business consultant will prepare a draft Sales Engine Automation process to prepare for your next meeting.

Step 4: Creating a Refined Visual Sales Process

The next step is to have a meeting with your business consultant. The meeting will be planned for two hours, however, most business sales processes will typically take only about an hour. You may use the extra time to ask questions and feel informed about the changes that will be made to your system. When you work with Lior and his team, you can expect to get a tremendous amount of value and benefit from their business experience. During the meeting, the business consultant will refine the process by asking you a multitude of questions to dive deeper into your business and needs. At the end of the session, you will have a visual diagram that represents your future sales process.

Once you approve the sales cycle flow chart, our team will translate it to a workable Zoho CRM to do list. The list will have both the process and the automation required to implement it. Some of the process might include Blueprints, Workflows, Zapier integrations, Executable buttons, Schedulers, Scripts and more.

Step 5: Hand off an Actionable to
do List to Your Developer

The next step will be to send the project requirements to a Zoho Developer for an estimate. Because our project requirements are clear and the sales cycle is closed, you can expect a reduced price from the developer.

** Please note that we don't have developers in house.**

We can recommend quality developers that we work with, but it is your responsibility to approve them and pay them for their services. This includes a complimentary one-time meeting between your project coordinator and the developer once the project is complete to ensure the deliverables meet the criteria on the to do list.

We are accustomed to working with professional developers that can guarantee quality delivery. We will not teach unqualified developers how to code or how to use the CRM. Our job is to communicate the project requirements to the developer and it's the developer's responsibility to deliver the result.

Supported Systems

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As a thank you for being a quality client and to ensure that you are set up for success once your system is complete, we will provide you with Lior's Zoho CRM course at no charge. This will teach you all the basics of your new system and allow you to take charge of your business right away!

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